You can’t afford NOT to know where our financial market gauges stand.

Our stock and bond market gauges analyze the key predictors of future price direction and combine them into simple indexes.
Every trader needs to know how much potential gain there is –   every day.
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Indicators that help you understand the prospective gains in stock and bond markets.

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Predicting the Stock market

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All of these topics explain in simple terms what goes into each index and how the index behaves.
Don’t be shy – they’re not that long.

If you want to read any of the research papers that explain the merit behind using sentiment as a key variable to predict return, go HERE

Key Market Indicators

Fear and inflation are two critical sub-components embedded in each index. Knowing where they stand provides a good idea of fundamental conditions.



Fear is our stock market engine.We must measure it correctly and train ourselves to buy when eFear is high.


Bond rallies depend on low(er) inflation. We need to find a good current inflation proxy.  

Chris Evans has over thirty years experience managing global capital markets assets. He has worked at various hedge funds and managed both taxable and non-taxable portfolios. He is a CFA and has an economics degree from Cornell University.
He currently advises various funds and is devoted to using algorithms to purge superstition and selective memory bias.
He has no opinions about markets other than those garnered from proven quantitative analyses.

Research Updates

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