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What is the value proposition?

The fuel gauges have correctly forecasted market performance. When there is a lot of stock fuel, stock or bond markets have gone up more reliably.  Fuel Gauges are the technical indicator you have been searching for.

  • Add discipline to your trading by buying only when there is real upside
  • Control your downside by switching to bonds when stocks have no energy
  • Identify key turning points in the market

Who should follow the gauges?

All portfolio managers and high net worth investors who actively manage money or trade either stocks or bonds. We don’t pick individual stocks; We worry about the big problem: What is the direction of the overall market?

Who We Are


Chris Evans has over thirty years experience managing global capital markets assets. He has worked at various hedge funds and managed both taxable and non-taxable portfolios. He is a CFA and has an economics degree from Cornell University.

He currently advises various funds and is devoted to using algorithms to purge superstition and selective memory bias.

He has no opinions about markets other than those garnered from proven quantitative analyses.


Improving Risk Mgt.

Improving Risk Mgt.

We can do better than just looking at historical correlations and volatility.

Trauma Windows

Trauma Windows

Wait for a market shock – then buy buy buy

Cross Market Effects

Cross Market Effects

Know we’re in a bull market for equities, will guide our FX positions

The Inflation Factor

The Inflation Factor

Let’s build a good measure of inflation that impacts future bond prices.

Managing Risk Parity

Managing Risk Parity

Let’s combine the gauges to manage a balanced position.

Stock Market Fear

Stock Market Fear

Fear is good for future returns.

Years of Experience

Assets Managed by advisory Clients (bn/day)

Trade Volume of Key Instruments (bn/day)

Countries that receive Paratrade’s Gauges

Research News

Contact Us

We have studied markets and tested many inter-market relationships but we may have missed something. If you have suggestions or ideas that we should test, let us know.
If you require a higher level of service or want to see the specifics of trading algorithms that use the same logic as the fuel gauges, tell us what market you trade and what kind of system you are looking for.

We like new challenges!

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