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Individual Investors with assets below $10 million; Each index subscription costs $100/month.

High Net Worth Individuals and Retail Brokers with assets (or total client assets) with assets above $10 million but below $100 million; Each index costs $250/month.

Family Offices and Retail Brokers with assets (or total client assets) above $100 million and less than $250 million; Each index costs $800/month.

Institutional investment Firms with assets above $250 million; All indexes are included for $3000/month. (to be paid quarterly in advance)

Subscription + Consulting – If you are an institution with many traders and you would also like to see all index data plus trading system analysis using these indices, there is a fixed monthly fee of $5000/month (to be paid quarterly in advance).

  • Fees are set based on assets under management rather than by category so (for example) if you have a small family office then the fee will be lower than an office with very large assets (It may qualify as an institution).
  • Where there is an option to pay monthly you will receive a 10% discount if you pay quarterly in advance.
  • This information is not to be rebroadcast by any media outlet, investment management firm, brokerage firm, or individual.

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